1. New hair cut y’all

    New hair cut y’all

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  2. at Hanging Rock State Park

    at Hanging Rock State Park

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  3. Climbing waterfalls is my jam

    Climbing waterfalls is my jam

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  4. At hanging rock starting my everyday trip to the mountains (at Hanging Rock State Park)

    At hanging rock starting my everyday trip to the mountains (at Hanging Rock State Park)

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  5. My Misadventures is on deviantART

    I’m still working on this project and i’m loving it. I like putting the art work up for the world to see it feels good. I’m working on story now. Rewriting the pilot episode to bring in some new characters and better explain the world that they live in. 

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  6. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
    – Sylvia Plath (via chadbourn)

    (via scriptanalytics)

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  7. My Misadventures in VollaHolla part 2!

    Episode 2


    (Scene opens up to Alec walking into the kitchen)

    Alec: Singing “Oh Breakfast burrito! I’m gonna eat yah. Oh breakfast burrito! I’m gonna eat yah!” While singing his song he walks over to the refrigerator and opens up the freezer. He reaches in for a burrito but nothing is there. “What the? WHERE ARE THE BURRITOS!?”

    Sam: In his room asleep when he hears Alec scream he jumps out of bed “Woh! I was still sleeping” He starts nod off while standing. He walks out of his room and into the bathroom across the hall from his room. He turns on the lights and walks over to the sink “Ugh I guess I’ll get ready” He jumps up on a step stool. He opens his eyes and finds a small purplish blob like creature with long ears in the sink “oh sorry I didn’t notice the sink was taken” He hops back down then finally realizes what he just saw. A creature in his sink eating frozen burritos. “AHHHHH! WHAT THE HECK!?”

    Alec: He comes running in “Why are you screaming?”

    Sam: “There is something in the sink. Wait why are you screaming?”

    Alec:“Someone ate all my burritos!” He walks over to the sink and sees the cute little creature eating his burritos “My…burritos!” in a sad voice “It’s eating all of my burritos.” He looks back at the creature and it looks up at him and makes a cute face

    Pluto: “Plu!”

    Alec: “AWWWWWW! He is adorable” Alec picks Pluto up and hugs him “I forgive the horrible actions you have committed against me and my beloved burritos.”

    Sam: “What you like that thing?”

    Alec: He turns to Sam “You don’t find him cute?”

    Sam: “Not really…Wait how did he get in here?”

    Pluto: “Plu plu plu…plu!”

    Alec: “Pluto said he just walked in the front door”

    Sam: “Wait you can understand him?”

    Alec: He stops and thinks “Wait how did I understand him just then?” He freaks out and drops Pluto “Ahhh! What’s going on here?”

    Pluto: “Plu plu! Plu”

    Alec: “Ah that makes sense.”

    Sam: “What does? Cause I’m lost as crap”

    Alec: “He said anybody that touches him can understand him”

    Sam: “Um that’s weird”

    Alec: “Why don’t you give him a hug so you can understand him?”

    Sam: “I don’t really trust that thing”

    Pluto: His face becomes sad “plu”

    Alec: “Sam! You upset him” Alec picks Pluto up again and walks out of the bathroom “Come on Pluto lets go make some waffles!”

    Pluto: “PLU!”

    (The three enter the kitchen. Alec grabs a stool and places it next to him by the stove. He places Pluto on the stool and they begin making waffles batter. Sam sits on a stool by the bar and watches)

    Sam: “I don’t know why you’re spending time with the monster that ate all the breakfast burritos.”

    Alec: “Because I think he is cute and besides you can’t say much you let anybody stay here it’s like a halfway house for intergalactic creatures”

    Sam: “I do not” just then a bipedal brown rabbit wearing a neck brace, yellow robe, yellow bunny slippers and holding a coffee mug that says “%*&# Mornings” walks into the kitchen

    Alec and Sam: “Hey Frank”

    Frank “eh” He walks over to the coffee pot and begins pouring himself a some

    Alec: “See! Pluto hand me the flour”

    Pluto: “PLU!”

    Sam: “Frank is cool we’ve tons of fun with Frank and he doesn’t stay here that much” Just then a lightning bolt comes through the kitchen and hits the counter with a bright flash. Sitting on the counter is a light blue cat with a zigzag pattern on it looks up and meows

    Alec, Sam, and Frank: “Morning Lightning Cat”

    Lightning Cat” Meow!”

    Sam: He gets off the stool and walks over to the fridge and grabs some milk “These guys are friends we have history together. Pluto is just a weird creature that was eating burritos in my sink.” He pours some milk into a bowl and gives it to lightning cat

    Alec: “I still think you are being too harsh on Pluto” as he is talking a purple and green tentacle comes from off screen and into the kitchen. It opens the fridge grabs some orange juice and carries it off screen

    Sam: “Ok we get it!” He slings his hands in the air “Ok fine I have let a lot of people stay it’s just he gives me a weird vibe”

    Frank: “That thing is freaking adorable Sam” He walks off out of screen

    Lightning Cat: “Meow Meow!” He turns into lightning and jolts off

    Sam: “Is everyone against me”

    Alec: laughing some “Ha-ha, it looks so” He is helping Pluto pour the batter in a waffle iron

    Sam: “I’ll go ask Pitfall he knows what’s up” he walks off screen.

    Alec: “Whatever man” He is taking a waffle out of the iron and pouring more into.

    (Sam is walking up to the fire pit. He sits down on one of the pillows)

    Sam: “Pitfall what’s going on man?”

     Pitfall: The fire pit lights up “Ah morning honey how’s it hanging”

    Sam: “It’s going bad pit. Alec has a new friend and is hogging all the brotherly love.”

    Pitfall: “Hey man he aint replacing you. That little blob is cute is can be baby”

    Sam: “Ahh FRACK. Is everyone in love that thing?”

    Pitfall: “Yeah I think so”

    Sam: “Did you see him come in through the portal?”

    Pitfall: “Hold up player you got me thinking. I haven’t let anyone in…That means he came from outside!”

    Sam: “What no way. I didn’t think things were living outside our little oasis”

    Pitfall: “He must be something special”

    Space Pirate Clare: “You’re right he is special and we would like him back!” She stands at the Forts tent opening. She is a light green has long black hair and purple eyes. She is wearing what looks to be leather pirate’s jacket, a blue shirt and capris. She is accompanied by two large aliens of her species. “Where is that loveable blob? We saw him come this way and your little hideout is the only place around this disaster of a planet”

    Pitfall: “OH NO baby we have intruders!” A loud beeping sound goes off.

    Alec: He runs into the room with Pluto on his back “What’s going on guys?” He turns and sees the aliens. “AH! That’s what’s going on!”

    SP Clare: “That’s my little Pluto!”

    Pluto: He is shaking “plu?”

    Alec: “I don’t think he likes you lady! So if you would kindly leave that would be nice!”

    SP Clare: She draws her pistol “Oh I’ll be leaving but with my sweet little PluPlu!” She fires a shot at Alec and it stuns him.

    Sam: “BRO!” He runs over to Alec “Man this little guy isn’t worth your life!”

    Alec: Lying still on the ground not able to move he musters up with strength to talk “All friends are worth fighting for. Even if things are gloomy. You taught me that”

    Sam: “I know that was in the first episode.” He says softly to Alec. “You’re right buddy!” He stands up and turns to the pirates “You three jack holes are going down!”

    Pluto: He slides over to Sam “Plu!”

    Sam: “You wanna help too?”

    Pluto: “Plu”

    Sam: “Alright little guy if you think you got it in you! Let’s stomp these ugly space pirates’ butts!”

    Pluto: “PLU!” He transforms into a shield

    Sam: Starry eyed looks at Pluto “YOU ARE AMAZING!” he grabs Pluto and presses on his hat (Which says Dance Playa) his sword comes out of the hat. “Alright SLAMAJAM! Let’s do this!” Sam runs towards Clare

    SP Clare: She shoots Sam and stuns him

    Sam: as he falls to the ground “Ah crap”

    SP Clare: She walks over to Sam “You guys are morons”

    Lightning Cat: A flash of light appears next to Clare “Meow!”

    SP Clare: “AWW aren’t you adorable! I’ll be taking you too”

    Lightning Cat: He glows bright “Meow!” He shocks Clare

    SP Clare: “Ahhhh!” She falls over unconscious

    Space Pirates: “Boss!” They begin to run over to Clare

    Frank: He appears in front of the two large Pirates. He is wearing a kimono and has two Katana drawn. He slowly walks past the pirates as if they weren’t there. “Say goodnight”

    Space Pirates: “What are” They stop mid-sentence as they have just been cut in half.

    Frank: He sheathes his two katana and runs over to Alec and Sam “You two aright?”

    Alec: The effects of the stun gun are wearing off “Yeah I’m doing alright” He says in a daze as he slowly stands up. He walks over to Sam, Pluto, and Lightning Cat.

    (In the background you can see a purple tentacle slowly wrap around Clare and slowly drag her off screen.)

    Alec: “Sam You doing alright?”

    Sam: He is slowly coming back from being stunned “Yeah…I think I’ll live”

    Pluto: He gives Sam a hug “PLU!”

    Alec: “Look he is glad you are better”

    Sam: He slowly stands up. He pats Pluto on the head “I’m beginning to like this little fellow.”

    Pluto: He has a very large smile “PA-LU!”

    Alec: “Yeah he definitely likes you haha”

    Sam: “Well I like the little guy too. Now let’s go make a super slammin breakfast!”

    Pluto: “PLU!”

    Alec and Sam: “Haha you got it Pluto!” They both walk off screen towards the kitchen with Frank and Lightning Cat behind them

    Pluto: He slowly slides over to the fire pit. “Plu”

    Pitfall: “What is it baby?”

    Pluto: “Plu plu plu!”

    Pitfall: “Why are you interested in that planet?”

    (The screen pans off from Pluto and Pitfall, but in a shadow you see Pluto transform into a human like form. The screen fads to black)

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  8. It’s begun

    I started writing a screen play some what based on my life and life with Schizophrenia with a fun twist! It will explore tons of life lessons a lot of dark moments in my life and some fun fantasies tied together with a cast of fun characters based on friends and family that have helped me on My Journey (The title I’m giving the screen play. Working title who knows!)

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  9. The Music to My Life to My Journey

    1. Such Great Heights-The Postal Service

    2. Make Me a Boat-The Family Crest

    3. Coffee & TV-Blur 

    4. Beetlebum-Blur

    5.Klapp Klapp-Little Dragon

    6. Doses & Mimosas-Cherub

    7. Night Life- We Are Robots(My Band)

    8. Novacane- Frank Ocean

    9. A.D.H.D.-Kendrick Lamar 

    10. Homecoming Heroes- The Head and The Heart

    11. Noctourniquet-The Mars Volta

    12. Life of the Party-Bare the Traveler 

    13. Home-American Authors 

    14. #34-The Dave Matthews Band

    15. Short Change Hero-The Heavy 

    16. Instant Crush-Daft Punk

    17. Trojans- Atlas Genius


    19. I”ll Be Alright-Passion Pit

    20. Carried Away-Passion Pit

    21. Hopeless Wanderer- Mumford & Sons

    22. Vices-Memphis May Fire

    23. Makedamnsure-Taking Back Sunday

    24.Overkill-Colin Hay

    25. Send Me On My Way- Rusted Roots

    26. Revolving Doors-Gorillaz 

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